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Our creative and manufacturer partners:

Here is a selection of artists, craftsmen and manufacturers from all over the World, responding to our values. Thanks to them we have developed a network of professionals who work in order to offer original collections of products combining creativity and aesthetics.

- Verre Minuit/Midnight Glass - Karine Bouchard (Canada)

Icône verre minuitVerre Minuit is a company whose vocation is to design and manufacture a wide range of top-end mouth-blown glass products. The company located in Montreal, Quebec, was founded by Karine Bouchard and is dedicated to produce exclusive products to answer special and custom orders. In addition to providing a sumptuous touch by their forms, patterns and bright colors, these pieces reveal a rare distinction, giving them their originality.

- More informations about Verre Minuit and the collections: coming soon
- Web site of Verre Minuit company: http://www.verreminuit.com
- Facebook page of Verre Minuit company: facebook page

- Créations Vitalis - Josée Bourgoin (Canada)

Josée Bourgoin - Créations VitalisJosée Bourgoin creates and manufactures turned and carved wood cremation urns in her workshop on the edge of the St. Lawrence River in St-André de Kamouraska, Quebec (Canada).
Her artistic approach is simple and true, respecting her own sensitivity, others and her environment. This artisan of wood, as was her father, draws inspiration from her family and transmits emotions with kindness and talent in her creations, which are original pieces of work full of meaning. Her company is called Créations Vitalis from the latin « which generates life».

- Web site of Josée Bourgoin - Création Vitalis: http://www.joseebourgoin.ca

- Custom Crafted Wood, Inc. - Steve Shannon (USA)

The Steve Shannon CollectionCustom Crafted Wood, Inc., located in Illinois, offers hand-crafted cremation urns for humans and pets. These artistic memorials are skillfully made by segmenting multiple pieces of woods together, hand-turning them, and sealing them with a urethane finish polished to a glass-like shine. Steve Shannon is a highly regarded, professional segmented woodturner. His custom designed wood pieces reflect an exciting, creative, and contemporary flair. His blends of woods express both a harmony and a genuine integration of nature's best offerings.

- More informations about The Steve Shannon Collection: coming soon
- Web site of Custom Crafted Wood, Inc.: http://www.customcraftedwood.com
- Facebook page of Custom Crafted Wood, Inc.: facebook page

- Handcrafted Urns - Urnafim (Spain)


Urnafim is a company specialized in the manufacture of handmade wooden cremation urns and keepsakes. It is located in Valls, in Catalonia (Spain).

Urnafim products stand out by their innovative design, breaking with conventional patterns of this sector, constantly keeping in mind the final purpose of the product. In addition, as they have been shaped by the hands of experienced craftsmen, each urn is unique and exclusive. These features provide the product all the essential elements to honor a loved one.

- More informations about Urnafim: coming soon
- Online catalog of Urnafim: http://es.slideshare.net/URNAFIM/catlogo-espaol-urnafim-2013