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Legal Notice of the Website u-Phoenix


This Website, as its french version and spanish version, are the property of the company u-Phoenix of which the legal representative, website creator and operator, publication manager is Davy MOUGIN-SISINI, auto-entrepreneur, registered with RCS number: 812 554 699 R.C.S. Besançon, and with headquarters located at:
16, le Mont - 25650 Hauterive la Fresse - FRANCE
Phone: (+33) 782 560 037.
Users of this website can contact u-Phoenix team at any moment at the previous address or using the dedicated e-mail:


User: Internet visitor connected to the Website and using it.
Website: these legal notices concern without distinction the domain names, and that redirect each one to a version of the same multilingual Website. The use of one of these three previous denominations in the legal notice hereafter formulated implies the validity of the statement for each domain.
u-Phoenix: the use of the commercial name u-Phoenix in the legal notice hereafter formulated implies the validity of the statement for its legal representative.


The service provider responsible for direct and permanent storage is the company OVH Hispano:
Calle Princesa 22, 2 Derecha - 28008 – Madrid – SPAIN.
Phone (+34) 902 106 113 - Fax: (+34) 915 427 076
Website: – Contact mail:
Inscribed in business register of Madrid - Volume 19514 - Book 0 - Chapter 74 Section 8 - Sheet M-342678, and registered with fiscal identification number CIF: B83834747.


The Website user acknowledges having read the present legal notice and agrees to abide by it.
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Also, as part of maintenance efforts, the Website operator may block access to the site yet has agreed to make every effort to duly notify users beforehand.


The information provided by u-Phoenix is made available on a non-binding basis. u-Phoenix cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or relevance of the information disseminated on its site.
Consequently, the user recognizes that reliance upon this information shall remain the user’s sole responsibility.
The site’s contents and general layout, as well as all the texts, logos, icons, images (whether animated or not), sounds, expertise and any other site component are the exclusive property of u-Phoenix.
Any representation, in whole or in part, of this site by whatever means without the express authorization of u-Phoenix is strictly prohibited and would be considered a counterfeiting offense implicating penal sanctions.
The same would apply to any databases posted on site that are protected by the actual legal stipulations for the Intellectual Property and legal protection provided for databases.


u-Phoenix cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to user’s equipment when accessing the site, and resulting from the use of an equipment not meeting the specifications indicated above, or the appearance of a bug or incompatibility.
u-Phoenix will also not be responsible for the various indirect damage resulting from the use of website.
Interactive spaces (comments, blog...) are available to users. u-Phoenix reserves the right to edit or remove without prior notice, any content in these spaces which would violate applicable law. If so, u-Phoenix also reserves the possibility of questioning the civil and/or criminal responsibility of the user, including in the case of messages abusive, racist, defaming, or with pornographic content, regardless of the medium used (text, photography...).


The brand names of u-Phoenix and its partners, as well as logos appearing on the site, are all registered trademarks.
Any reproduction, whether total or partial, of these brands or logos, undertaken using elements found on the site and without express authorization of u-Phoenix, is thus prohibited.


Please, see dedicated section: Privacy and personal data protection.


For informational purposes, u-Phoenix references other resources available on the Web via hypertext links. Should a referenced site decline such a link and upon simple request from this site, u-Phoenix agrees to remove the link as quickly as possible. The links to other Web resources included in this site’s layout will, in no way, invoke the liability of u-Phoenix.
Moreover, u-Phoenix cannot be held liable for user access, via hypertext links programmed into the site, to other resources available on the Internet.
Website users and visitors are free to reference this site, by hypertext link, and place this link on their home page provided the general spirit characterizing this site has been preserved.


For all information and requests to reproduce contents published on site (texts, graphs, illustrations), regardless of the medium, the user is asked to submit his/her request:
- by correspondence to: u-Phoenix - 16, le Mont 25650 Hauterive la Fresse - FRANCE.
- by e-mail to:


The present general conditions are governed by the current French legislation concerning this material and the latter will be applied to any situation, which has not been foreseen in this section.