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u-Phoenix provides a unique collection of funeral urns coming from the art of peoples of the World.

To offer an alternative and personalized solution to conventional funeral products, u-Phoenix is developed around a network of international artists and craftsmen chosen for their artistic qualities but also for their ancestral know-how.

Born from cultures which learned how to deal with the theme of death without taboos and with all the respect and the dignity necessary for this continuity of the life, our funeral urns are full of symbols allowing an eternal rest in the harmony of the World.

Whether it is to prepare peacefully your own death or to pay a unique tribute to a loved one, u-Phoenix urns allow to reconcile with poetry exceptional aesthetic qualities and spiritual inspirations in agreement with the sensitivity of each one.

In order to suggest you a customized solution and give you the best possible support to find an urn to match your criteria, feel free to contact us right now for any request.