Moradabad - Shangri-La Collection

Published on 02/23/2013

Collection Shangri-La, Brass Urns from Moradabad

The “Shangri-La” Collection is composed of a selection of brass cremation urns and keepsakes crafted by skilled artisans in the city of Moradabad, in India.

As the mythical valley of Shangri-La, a hidden paradise in Himalaya, these brass vessels give us a feeling of both sacred and mysterious which comes from their oriental shapes and their fine and harmonious hand engraving.

Over two thousand years ago, India succeeded in producing an alloy of basic metals which looked almost exactly like gold. This wonderful new metal was, in fact, brass.
Moradabad, in Uttar Pradesh, is the largest and most active center for the production and transformation of this alloy. The city is nicknamed Pital Nagri ("City of Brass") for its famous brass handicrafts and has carved a niche for itself in this industry throughout the world. In particular, a wide and attractive range of artistic brass funeral urns is created by skilled artisans of this city.


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